Horse Sire Dam Sex YOB Trainer
Aces Mark Gold Case Dazzling Diva G 2004 Gary P. Gullo
Arrow Lake Monashee Mountain Off the Charts F 2007 Michael Salvaggio, Jr.
Ask About Me Disco Rico Cheektowaga G 2010 Patricia Farro
Bird House Limehouse Little Bertie F 2009 Gary P. Gullo
Canal Town Two Punch Flags R Up G 1997 Michael Salvaggio, Jr.
Cause For Surprise Giant's Surprise Jumpin Jacqueline G 2013 Gary P. Gullo
Classic R and B Sky Classic Ella Singstheblues G 2009 Gary P. Gullo
Curlina Cuvee Most Admired F 2007 Gary P. Gullo
Eyes of Midas Midas Eyes Temper Time F 2010 Gary Gullo
Heartfelt Jazz Grand Slam Val's Jazz F 2011 Gary P. Gullo
June The Tiger Tiger Ridge Arctic Experience G 2002 Linda Rice
Kalki's Pride Regal Classic Above Reproach F 2000 Steve Mick
Kevin's Steel Artie Schiller Kevin's Decision F 2009 Gary P. Gullo
Majestic Kiss Majestic Warrior Fevered Kiss F 2015 Gary P. Gullo
Maydaymayday Roar of the Tiger Extra Free C 2007 Diane Day
Reggie D Stonesider Hey Baba Rebob G 2009 Gary P Gullo
Second In Command Silver Deputy Stormeor C 2000 Linda Rice
Short Fuse Shorty Lite the Fuse Resounding G 2001 Robert Mosco
Show Giant Giant Surprise Summer Show F 2013 Gary P. Gullo
Tailgate Buckaroo Tella Gate C 1997 Steve Mick
Terminus Puplit Cologny G 2009 Gary P. Gullo
That's Amore Smart Bid Classic Lake F 2014 Gary P. Gullo
War Hitch War Front Hitchin C 2009 Gary P. Gullo
Yankee Master Yankee Victor Ghazo C 2003 Linda Rice